About Celeste Hansen

Celeste's Artistic Ideology

Illustration provides a unique opportunity to explore the impossible and design the inconceivable. Through consideration of light, texture, shape, and form, anything imaginable can be brought to life.

She's not your average artist.

Celeste Hansen was born in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, to American parents circumnavigating the globe on their J-36. They finished their sailing adventure when she was five, settling down in Seattle, where Celeste grew up and went to school. Using the running start program she attended to Shoreline Community College and obtained her Associates of Fine Arts (AFA). Taking two years off, she returned to her sailing roots, delivering a yacht from Portland, Maine to Seattle, WA, in 11 months.

After that adventure she returned to school and matriculated at the University of Washington, graduating with a Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. However wanderlust still called to her, so once again she set sailing, this time from August 2013 through June 2015, working heavily on her art while sailing the Pacific.

Today she lives and works in Seattle, Washington with her cat Lev Tolstoy.